Anesthesia Errors

Compensation for Anesthesia Errors

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Walther/Zwibelman Law Associates handles medical malpractice lawsuits throughout the greater St. Louis region, including anesthesia error lawsuits. The term "medical malpractice" can refer to any member of the medical profession: doctors, surgeons, nurses, and even anesthesiologists. If you or someone you love suffered a serious injury or illness because of a negligent anesthesia error, our St. Louis medical malpractice attorneys can help you recover the money that you deserve. Call our office today for a free legal consultation regarding your case. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can help.

Types of Anesthesia & Possible Medical Errors

There are three main types of anesthesia: local, regional, and general. Local anesthesia numbs a specific part of the body; regional anesthesia numbs a portion of the body, and general anesthesia sedates the patient. General anesthesia carries the highest risk of a medical complication. Because they are used to alleviate or avoid severe pain (such as pain during a surgical operation), these anesthetics are prone to serious complications.

Potential medical errors associated with anesthetics include:

  • Anesthesia overdose
  • Prolonged sedation
  • Failure to administer oxygen
  • Medical equipment failures
  • Inadequate anesthesia
  • Failed intubation

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At Walther/Zwibelman Law Associates, a partner will handle your case from start to finish. This means that we will not pass your case down to a staff member. When you work with us, you can have confidence that an experienced and qualified legal representative will be by your side through every step of the legal process.

Cumulatively, our St. Louis medical malpractice lawyers have more than 50 years of legal experience. Together, we are ready to use it to the advantage of your case. If you are considering an anesthesia lawsuit, we invite you to contact our office today and ask for a free legal consultation regarding your case.