Motorcycle Accident

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A motorcycle accident can leave you with debilitating injuries and mounting medical bills. Because of their size, motorcycles are difficult to see and may be invisible to other drivers. Since they are not designed for passenger safety like a car, motorcycles are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents. If you suffered a serious injury or the loss of a loved one in a motorcycle accident,Walther/Zwibelman Law Associates is here to help you fight for the financial compensation that you deserve.

With our firm, you can recover money for:

  • Lost wages & lost earning potential
  • Medical expenses / ongoing medical care
  • Pain, suffering & noneconomic damages
  • Funeral expenses (for wrongful death)

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Drunk driving, driver inattention, distracted driving, and other forms of negligence can cause motorcycle accidents. Other factors might include:

  • Visibility – Drivers may not pay attention to motorcyclists, which can quickly lead to an accident.
  • Roadway Quality – Poorly constructed roads or damaged roadways may cause motorcycles to crash.
  • Speeding – Motorcyclists who drive faster or slower than the flow of traffic are more likely to cause an accident.
  • Incompetence – The skill of the motorcyclists can contribute to the likelihood of a traffic collision.
  • Weather Conditions – Bad weather can cause an accident or aggravate an existing risk factor, such as visibility.

No recovery? No fee!

If we don't recover money, you don't have to pay us any fees. In the wake of a serious injury, we want to help you get the money that you need. This means that we don't charge upfront costs. Additionally, we never pass our cases down to a staff member; you will work with a partner at the firm from the beginning of your case to the end.

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